About Us:

We are a Professional Real Estate Office Located in Beautiful Back Bay Boston, Specializing in Sales, Management & Rentals. This site was inspired due to the high volume of customers who have difficulty in finding housing in a not-so pet friendly city. We have decided to create this website to help assist pet owners in finding adequate housing quick and easy! Our office is located at 229 Berkeley Street in Boston - In between Boylston & Newbury Street. (Arlington "T" Stop).


We Need Your Support:

The future of this website depends on not only our office, but also your support. Our database already has many units available, but as you know Boston has limited amount of pet friendly apartments/condos, so help us help others! We need your support by posting your building in our database with full disclosures and descriptions, we can increase our inventory of pet-friendly housing options. For more information on how to help other consumers like yourself, click on "Post Your Pet Pad" Thank you, Leland E. DiMeco


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Does your business revolve around property and pets? Would you like to have your ads listed here on Paw Friendly Pads? If so, please click the "Contact Us" link to the left, which has a form that will allow you to send your information to us.